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Disaster Prevention Monitoring Platform
Asset Management 'Genstar'
"We have succesfully built an online control tower platform that can quickly respond and manage fire, water leakage, and blackout 24/7"
  • limitation of traditional outdated sensors which can only notice disaster after its breakout
  • difficulty on 24/7 monitoring with only physical visit
  • Algorithm that can analyze danger signs of disaster by phases beforehands
  • Online control tower platform that can remotely monitor all managed assets 24/7
Genstar’ is an asset management company with clients such as Samsung affiliates like Samsung Life, Samsung Fire and Samsung C&T and domestic top-tier companies like Mirae Asset, POSCO, and Lotte. Genstar leads the standard of domestic asset management service market with professional know-how from 30 years of operating history and continuous innovation. Genstar recently launched ‘Soluon’, an IoT disaster prevention solution.
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