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You can talk with professionals and figure out how AI and IoT Technology of Triplet can be applied to your business. Leave us your contact info and unsolved issue that cannot be dealt with current methods, then our AI and IoT professionals will get in touch with answers.

COTTON maximizes productivity and removes inefficiency of business by diagnosing issue of a company and resolve that issue through data analysis.

Expected Effects of Solution
Business Risk Management
Many companies own data that they do not recognize or cannot check with bare eyes. This type of data may create unexpected problems, and can back-fire with big cost. Our solution helps to transform uncertainty of business into visible risk via IoT technology and to manage this risk.
Real-time Data Surveillance
Observes product and service with various sensors and cameras
Abnormality Detection and Notification
Reacts quickly to abnormality with 24 hour notification
Web/Mobile Dashboard
Displays current status and risk of diverse product and service on one screen
Create Insight
It is more difficult to find useful data among oceans of data and actually utilize it than to plainly produce data. COTTON AI creates insight that can solve problems of business by categorizing useful data and analyze them.
Prediction of Future Events
Predicts possible problems and costs in the future by analyzing big data pattern
Supporting Decision Making
Provides insights for optimum decision making based on diagnosed problem and expected costs
Installing Solution
Tailored Solution for Different Industries
Each industry needs slightly different AI and IoT technology. Tailored solutions for industries which have biggest expected benefit are ready to be deployed. Grab a new insight and maximize your productivity and value of business by introducing a solution fit for your business.

Solution Application Cases

Real-time Mobile Alert
Connected by IoT
Detecting Fire in Earlier Stage
Real-time Monitoring of Process
Prediction of Product Quality
Prediction of Process Completion

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