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Product quality estimation by AI that learned with data from various combinations of IoT sensors

Expected Effects
Provide customized H/W optimized sensors, networks and frames to meet customer's various needs. Here is our H/W example for fermentation tank monitoring.
Temperature Monitor liquid temperature
Dissolved O2 Monitor dissolved oxygen inside of beer tank
Dissolved CO2 Monitor dissolved CO2 inside of beer tank
pH Monitor liquid acidity
Gravimeter Monitor liquid density
Detachable Device Module add-on designed hardware for various combination of sensors
Broadly applicable Hardware to various service field with generic and scalable design.
Smart Farming
  • Productivity: Increase productivity by control farm's optimal condition include temperature, atmosphere, soil
  • Harvest Prediction: Predict of year's harvest by AI learned from farm's environmental information
  • Risk Management: Real-time alert or automatic control for emergency or urgent situation
Craft Beer Brewery
  • Productivity: Increase productivity by predict precise ending time of fermentation of the beer
  • Quality Control: Propose best production process and condition to secure the uniformity of the beer's quality
  • Keg Tracking: Keg managing system to prevent missing in delivery by QR codes and IoT tracking sensors
Wine & Spirits
  • Fermentation tank monitoring: Monitors fermentation tank's condition by IoT sensors and risk managing
  • Quality Control: Suggest best conditions and process for wine and spirits factory by AI based on big-data from IoT sensors
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