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Insight Created from IoT Data Gathering, AI Analysis Platform

COTTON is a AI+IOT platform for business product of Triplet, which is pre-built in order for a client deploy AI+IoT system quickly at a reasonable price. COTTON helps business to manage service and data in real time and create new insight.
Cotton Technology Breakdown
Data Analysis
Conduct various functions such as recognize fire, person, things in real time by analyzing images, or predict result of future by analyzing time-series data of service or process.
Data Gathering
Deploy IoT devices, which gather data in real-time, by combining various sensors and actuators, and stably gather extensive data by creating optimal communication environment for each service and surroundings.
Main Functions of COTTON
Tailored Solution for Different Industries
Each industry needs slightly different AI and IoT technology. Tailored solutions for industries which have biggest expected benefit are ready to be deployed. Grab a new insight and maximize your productivity and value of business by introducing a solution fit for your business.
Contact our AI+IoT Professionals, and find out how COTTON solution can solve your problem and impact your business.

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