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DeepLounge Unstaffed

With the rapid advancement of technology, a multitude of efficient approaches to task execution have emerged. Deep Lounge Unstaffed, an AI solution, represents yet another intelligent solution capable of replacing labor-intensive tasks across various domains.


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Video-based Analysis for Detecting Changes in Business Premises

DeepLounge Unstaffed utilizes AI cameras installed in designated areas within the business premises to detect changes in conditions such as inventory discrepancies, temperature anomalies, and store contamination. This technology can be effectively employed not only in the retail sector but also in clothing stores, factories, and other locations requiring stock management

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Grab & Go, Self-Checkout System

Grab & Go is an unmanned AI solution where customers simply scan a QR code upon entering, shop for their desired items, and complete the payment automatically when leaving. Utilizing our proprietary AI cameras, the system recognizes the purchased products and enables payment through registered payment methods, eliminating the need for cashiers or physical payment devices.


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Product Discrepancy Detection AI Solution

Detecting Any Product,
Any Shelf Display

A Solution Capable of Detection Deep Lounge Unstaffed Solution is a smart solution that utilizes Triplelet's proprietary AI technology to detect product discrepancies without the need for individual product registration. Through video analysis technology, it quickly recognizes changes within the store, regardless of the type, size, or arrangement of the products. It is a convenient solution that can be easily implemented on shelves that frequently undergo changes or unconventional display methods.

  • Detecting discrepancies across a wide range of product types /li>
  • Detecting discrepancies across various display methods
  • A convenient system without the need for individual product registration.
Advanced AI-Powered Store Cleaning Management Solution

Providing a Pleasant Store Environment through Real-time Monitoring "

When implementing an unmanned AI solution, you can designate specific areas such as the entire store or sections with tables for real-time cleanliness monitoring. After the AI detects areas of contamination, it sends notifications to connected devices, allowing store managers to remotely assess the situation and facilitate prompt actions. Depending on the size and layout of the store, the solution can be effectively installed in appropriate locations.

  • Real-time area monitoring
  • AI-powered store cleanliness status detection
  • Notification transmission to connected devices
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Efficient Operations Enabled by AI Solution

Optimize resource allocation
Streamline workflows

By utilizing unstaffed solutions and replacing specific tasks with AI technology, you can concentrate your workforce on areas that require more focused attention within your business. Repetitive tasks can be automated, while remote monitoring facilitates swift management. If your business has been overwhelmed by busy operations, stuck in a repetitive cycle, and struggling to adapt to change, our unstaffed AI solution can help improve both resource allocation and overall operations.

  • Focused Workforce Deployment Where Needed
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Enhanced Customer Service Quality
Customized AI Solution

Tailored Solutions for Specific Industries
Business Planning and Development

At Triplet, we specialize in providing customized AI solutions designed to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. We not only tailor our existing solutions to fit your specific requirements but also offer services to develop new technologies that have yet to be explored. Through consultation with our dedicated teams, we can assess the specific AI-related needs of your business and provide tailored solutions accordingly.

  • Industry-specific data collection
  • Customized menu composition
  • Developing new field technologies
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Explore Various Applications of Deep Lounge Unstaffed Solution.

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Case 01 | Mart


In the case of large marts, the occurrence of product shortages is frequent, and there are often instances where products cannot be delivered to customers when needed. E-Mart implemented Deep Lounge to receive real-time transmissions of shelf situations and receive notifications for product shortages, establishing an efficient store operation method. As a result, it became possible to reallocate manpower and replenish inventory quickly, and incidents of product misplacement caused by customers or staff errors could be accurately identified.

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Case 02 | Mart

New World

New World, a franchise mart in Jeju, introduced Triplet's unmanned product detection solution for effective store management and product display. Unlike the past when employees had to check every shelf and record quantities, after implementing the solution, real-time video monitoring became possible, allowing for quick product replenishment. The staffs are able to redirect the labor previously required in this area and focus on more essential tasks.


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New World

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